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Modern people are increasingly suffering from sleep disorders such as insomnia. This condition is characterized by insufficient duration or unsatisfactory quality of sleep, or a combination of these phenomena, continuing for a long time.

The reasons for this disorder may be different. Most often, they include severe overwork, a noisy or too bright room, various diseases, and so on.

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Most people use sleeping pills to relieve insomnia. The most effective of them include the drug Ambien. Instructions for use, analogs, properties, and features of this medication will be described below.

Pharmacodynamic characteristics

What are Ambien tablets? The instruction says that this is a sleeping pill from the group of imidazopyridines. In their pharmacological activity, they are very close to benzodiazepines. This medication has effects similar to other drugs of the same group: anxiolytic, muscle relaxant, hypnotic, sedative, amnestic, and anticonvulsant.

The principle of action of the drug in question is associated with a specific agonistic effect on the central ω-receptors, which belong to the macromolecular GABA-receptor complexes, which cause the opening of neuronal anion channels for the entry of chlorine.

The active substance of this drug selectively interacts with benzodiazepine receptors, so the sedative effect of the drug is already observed at low doses.

In the patient, zolpidem shortens the period of falling asleep and also reduces the number of nocturnal awakenings, increases the total duration of sleep, and improves its quality.

A sufficient concentration of this agent in the blood provides sleep lasting 8 hours.
This drug has low toxicity. Moreover, it is not addictive, does not contribute to anterograde amnesia, morning fatigue, and daytime sleepiness.


What disorders require the use of Ambien tablets? Reviews of doctors report that this medication is very effective for:

● night awakenings;
● chronic sleep disorders;
● situational and transient insomnia associated with stressful situations;
● sleep disorders, which are associated with a difficult process of falling asleep.


When should Ambien sleeping pills not be used? Instructions for use inform about such contraindications as:

● sleep apnea;
● severe respiratory failure;
● minor age;
● pregnancy in the first trimester;
● breast-feeding;
● hypersensitivity to the drug;
● lactase deficiency, galactosemia, galactose, or glucose intolerance.

It should also be noted that only according to strict indications, the drug in question is prescribed in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, with violations in the liver, as well as with drug addiction, alcoholism, and myasthenia gravis.

Ambien tablets: instructions for use

The drug in question is taken orally immediately before bedtime. For people under 65 years of age, this medication is prescribed at a dose of 10 mg and over the specified age – 5 mg each.

The duration of treatment with this remedy for situational insomnia is 2-4 days. With short-term insomnia, the drug is taken up to three weeks, but not more than one month.

The doctor determines the duration of therapy for chronic insomnia.
According to experts, Ambien should not be taken in high dosages and in combination with other hypnotics, including benzodiazepines. Its long and continuous use is also prohibited.

Side effects

Does the sleeping pill Ambien cause any side effects? Consumer reviews report that such reactions are extremely rare. As a rule, they include the following:

● headache;
● nightmares;
● memory impairment;
● drowsiness during the daytime;
● diplopia;
● gait disturbance;
● confusion;
● rash and itching on the skin;
● vomiting, abdominal pain, and stool disorders.

Interaction with other means

Can sleeping pills Ambien be combined with other medicines? Instruction for use informs that this remedy cannot be used in conjunction with ethyl alcohol.

Respiratory depression and central nervous system depression can be observed while taking barbiturates, antipsychotics, hypnotics, sedative antidepressants, morphine derivatives, antihistamines, and antiepileptic drugs, as well as drugs for anesthesia and centrally acting antihypertensives.

Special Recommendations

Before the appointment of Ambien sleeping pills, it is imperative to establish the true cause of sleep disorders.

The persistence of insomnia for two weeks after the start of therapy indicates the presence of mental disorders or disorders of the National Assembly. To identify such deviations, it is necessary to reassess the patient’s condition regularly.

The use of zolpidem in people with signs of depression requires caution.

The use of alcohol and other drugs with a depressant effect on the central nervous system, as well as taking the drug in high dosages, increases the risk of developing abnormal behavior. After a course of taking the drug for several weeks, there is a slight decrease in its hypnotic and sedative effects.

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