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Xanax belongs to the category of tranquilizers (anxiolytic drugs). The drug has a hypnotic, anticonvulsant, sedative, mycorelaxant effect. A decrease in emotional overstrain, decrease in anxiety, worry, and fear is noted in combination with a moderate hypnotic effect. The drug helps to reduce the period of falling asleep while increasing the duration of sleep, reducing the frequency of awakenings during the night. The drug reduces the activity of vegetative, emotional, and motor irritating factors that disrupt the mechanism of falling asleep. After penetration into the body, there is a rapid and good absorption of the drug. Within an hour or two, the maximum concentration is reached. The drug Xanax (instructions for use indicates this) binds to plasma proteins by 80%. Excretion is carried out mainly in the form of decay products through the kidneys.

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The drug is rapidly absorbed, the maximum plasma concentration is fixed in the period from 1 to 2 hours after ingestion. The active substance inhibits the transmission of nerve impulses and unconditioned reflexes.


The drug Xanax is recommended for neurosis, accompanied by anxiety, a sense of danger, tension, anxiety, irritability, sleep disturbances, somatic disorders. The indications include neurotic depressions that have arisen on the basis of somatic pathologies, panic states without or with manifestations of a phobia. A medicine is prescribed for reactive depressions of a neurotic nature, complicated by the loss of sleep, interest in the environment, loss of appetite, and anxiety.

Medicine Xanax. Instructions for use

The drug is prescribed according to an individual scheme in accordance with the nature and course of the pathology. The dosage is adjusted, taking into account the tolerability and effectiveness of the drug. If it is necessary to increase the amount of the drug, it is carried out gradually – first in the evening and then in the daytime. Therapy begins with 250-500 mcg three times a day. In severe cases, the dosage of Xanax (reviews of experts confirm this) can be increased to 4.5 mg/day in divided doses.

For elderly patients and weak patients, 250 mcg is prescribed no more than three times a day. Maintenance dosage – 500-750 mcg/day. If necessary, taking into account tolerance, the amount of the drug can be increased. Lowering the dose, and canceling the drug Xanax, is recommended doing it gradually. The daily amount of the drug is reduced by no more than 500 mcg with an interval of three days. In some cases, even slower cancellation is required.

Side effects

The drug is not prescribed for individual intolerance, respiratory, renal, heart failure, eye diseases. Use with caution in sleep apnea, liver damage.

The reaction to the substance may be different, including possible side effects. These include daytime sleepiness, slowing down of mental and motor reactions, uneven gait, and partial loss of coordination of movements. Often there is a decrease in concentration, therefore, throughout the course of treatment, it is not recommended to drive, perform work related to the need to focus on one task for a long time.

Paradoxical reactions may also appear, such as agitation, aggressiveness, irritability, and hallucinations. Violation of medical recommendations leads to the formation of strong dependence and subsequent withdrawal syndrome.

When interacting with antifungal, antiviral agents, and antidepressants, Xanax reduces their effectiveness. Narcotic analgesics, sedatives and hypnotics, alcohol are also prohibited.

Why is Xanax dangerous?

An anxiolytic is prescribed for obvious signs of panic, anxiety, a decrease in the level of self-control, accompanied by physical symptoms of malaise. It can be:

● increased sweating;
● hand tremor;
● cold fingertips;
● feeling of suffocation;
● tachycardia;
● confusion;
● fainting.

The intensity, combination, and duration of symptoms vary depending on the characteristics of the psyche and the degree of impairment. In this state, patients are often unaware of their actions and, in an effort to get rid of fear and internal discomfort, arbitrarily increase dosages.

If you take Xanax uncontrollably, addiction will develop quickly enough. It is accompanied by a constant feeling of fatigue, dizziness, drowsiness, intolerance to physical exertion, general malaise. There may be a lack of appetite, a disorder in the digestive system, uncontrolled weight changes, a menstrual cycle failure in women.

With an unauthorized increase in the dose or combination of the pharmaceutical product with other drugs of similar action, there is a possibility of an overdose.

It is possible to understand that a person needs emergency help of confused, slurred speech, extremely slow reaction speed, lack of need for communication, complaints about lack of air. In such a situation, a narcologist should be called urgently.

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