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Ativan refers to drugs from the group of benzodiazepine tranquilizers, which are often used in psychiatry, narcology, and general medical practice.

The drug has a good therapeutic effect and is used to eliminate anxiety in various pathological conditions quickly.

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Lorazepam can cause strong drug dependence, therefore, it requires monitoring with prolonged use.

Ativan- description, composition, effect, properties

Ativan is a highly active anxiolytic with an average duration of action.

Ativan is a highly active anxiolytic with an average duration of action. It is used to treat anxiety in the context of anxiety and somatoform disorders, a number of somatic and psychosomatic diseases, as well as in the treatment of sleep disorders. It has a sedative, hypnotic, muscle relaxant, and anticonvulsant effect.

Ativan is an effective remedy in the treatment of mental disorders and other diseases. Indications for the use of an anxiolytic:

● anxiety and panic conditions;
● depressive disorder, accompanied by severe anxiety;
● neurosis;
● relief of anxiety with vegetative manifestations;
● insomnia;
● relief of alcohol withdrawal symptoms: acute agitation, tremor, threatening delirium;
● convulsive seizures, including those caused by epilepsy;
● relaxation of spasms in degenerative diseases.

The drug has also found application in anesthesiology. It is used for premedication before surgery and other painful procedures in order to obtain a sedative effect and eliminate the feeling of fear.

It is important to consider contraindications to taking Ativan. These include:

● hypersensitivity to benzodiazepines;
● myasthenic syndrome;
● glaucoma (closed-angle form);
● acute intoxication with psychotropic drugs that depress the central nervous system;
● respiratory depression;
● renal and liver failure;
● pregnancy (especially the first trimester), lactation;
● children and adolescents under 18 years of age.

With prolonged use and excess dosages, the drug causes a strong dependence.

The effect of the drug on the human body

Anxiolytics of the benzodiazepine series penetrate well through the blood-brain barrier and affect the central nervous system.

The active substance acts on benzodiazepine receptors, increasing the sensitivity and affinity of inhibitory GABA receptors for gamma-aminobutyric acid. Chlorine channels begin to open more often, the entry of chloride ions into cells increases, and, as a result, membrane hyperpolarization occurs.

This reduces the excitability of neurons and inhibits their activity. The speed of transmission of nerve impulses is reduced. As a result, the processes of inhibition intensify in the limbic system, which leads to an anxiolytic effect.

Ativan impacts the human body in the following ways:

● It diminishes feelings of anxiety and worry.
● It curbs emotions like fear, stress, emotional hyperactivity, over-saturation of experiences, and heightened irritability.
● It aids in falling asleep more easily, enhancing the overall sleep quality.
● It helps in alleviating muscle spasms and tension.
● It eases convulsive conditions and involuntary muscle movements.
● It helps stabilize the autonomic nervous system’s functions.
● When administered intravenously, it has an amnestic effect.
● It also serves as an antiemetic, suppressing nausea and vomiting.

Upon consumption of this tranquilizer, users typically experience a boost of activity, a surge in energy, a pleasing sense of relaxation, tranquility, and a state of mental and physical comfort.

Lorazepam addiction

The reasons that lead to the abuse of lorazepam are different: unreasonable and long courses of treatment, lack of indications for the use of a tranquilizer, etc.

Drug addicts use the relaxing effect of the drug to get comfortable sensations, enhance the effect of other psychoactive substances, and alleviate the manifestations of withdrawal syndrome.

The systematic use of a tranquilizer in high doses ends in the emergence of dependence.

The risk of dependence on Ativan increases with increasing dose and duration of use, as well as in patients with alcoholism, drug addiction, personality disorders, phobias, severe depression.

Against the background of taking an anxiolytic, there is a feeling of well-being, self-confidence. The concentration of attention decreases, the sense of danger, the surrounding reality can be perceived in a distorted form.

Signs of using Ativan:

● behavior change;
● the occurrence of euphoria;
● a sudden change of mood;
● unstable blood pressure, tachycardia;
● pale skin;
● unsteady, unsteady gait;
● loss of appetite;
● trembling of hands and feet;
● bouts of inexplicable aggression;
● indifference, apathy.

A characteristic sign of addiction is a violation of the rhythm of sleep-wakefulness with nocturnal awakenings and difficulty falling asleep.

The consequences of taking this drug

Abuse of lorazepam is harmful to health and increases the likelihood of developing drug dependence. Side effects are the same as with other benzodiazepines, including addiction. With abrupt cessation, a withdrawal state may be observed.

Among the negative reactions of the drug:

● general weakness;
● lethargy;
● dizziness;
● muscle weakness;
● imbalance;
● paradoxical manifestations: anxiety, sleep disturbance, agitation, aggressiveness;
● weakening of memory;
● dyspeptic disorders;
● allergic reactions.

The addict constantly increases the dosage of the drug or mixes it with other substances. One of the most dangerous consequences of addiction is an overdose.

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